The KOK Elimination Tournament  ( -71 KG )  went down on November 23rd in Magdeburg Germany. It featured the most impressive Fightcard of the Last years in Germany. And all fights delivered what they promised, all Fighters showcased a breath taking performance. The last Man standing was the new Dutch sensation Chris Baya. He stormed through the Tournament as a last minute replacement for the Frenchman Steeve Valente. As late as Chris Baya entered the Tournament as quick he rallied to the win. He finished all of his three fights before the last bell and knocked out his opponents. Baya is the Man to watch, for the near future.

In the fight of the Night KOK Lightweight World Champion Denis Schneidmiller and William Diender Fought for the WKU World Title. Schneidmiller battled for 5 Rounds with the Dutch Fighting Machine William Diender. This fights showed all facettes KOK Fighters bring in to the Ring. Speed, Power, Athletism, Elegance, Drama and pure Emotions. Both fighters went to their Limit. The Audience was thankful with standing ovations. Schneidmiller won on Points and collected his second World Title in 2013.

Ukrainian Superstar  KOK World Champion Artur Kyshenko made short Business with his Syrian Opponent Baker Barakat. Within Round 1 Barakat was signed with two huge Cuts, that forced the doctor to stop the fight via Medical intervention.

It was a night of Thrilling Triumph for KOK and the Fighters. Magdeburg made the German Fans hungry for more.

KOK Magdeburg results:

KoK World Grand Prix Tournament Final
Chris Baya win via KO round 1 over Alex Vogel

WKU World Title Match K-1 Rules
Denis Schneidmiller win on Points over William Diender

KoK World Grand Prix Tournament Semi Final
Chris Baya win via KO over Max Baumert in round 3
Alex Vogel wins on Points over Leo Bönninger

KoK Superfights
Artur Kyshenko win via Medical KO over Baker Barakat in Round 1
Marco Aschenbrenner win on Points over Daniel Zeuner
Jerry Otto win on Points over Vladimir Toktasynov
Daniel Tex win via KO over Tommy Schubert in Round 1

KoK World Grand Prix Tournament Quarter Final
Leo Bönninger win on Points over Alban Ahmeti
Alex Vogel win on Points after Extra Round over Francisco Matos
Max Baumert win on Points over Mohammed El Mir
Chris Baya win via TKO over Andrii Panov in Round 3

WKU PRO AM Weltmeisterschaft im K-1
Enrico Rogge win via KO over Tomi Colic in KO Round 2

Hüseyin Usta win on Points over Kirill Buller
Niklas Stolze win via KO over Serdal Ayyildiz in Round 3
Tobias Nierlich win on Points over Peter Kruschinski
Sergeij Turcan draw with Michael Stölzer