KOK World Series 2019 Germany Results

The Kings of Kings organization returned to Germany after a six-year absence Saturday with an event at the Yayla Arena in Krefeld.

The KOK World Series 2019 in Germany event featured both German and international fighters battling for a number of world titles and a kickboxing GP tournament title.

King Kwasi
20-year-old Dutch fighter Chico Kwasi put himself in the hunt for the vacant KOK World Welterweight Title with an impressive performance in the Welterweight GP Tournament.

Kwasi, with legendary trainer Mike Passenier in his corner, didn’t need much time to win his semifinal match against short-notice replacement Mohamed Wade.

Kwasi knocked Wade down with a right hand, then landed a high-kick and follow up blows for a second knockdown. A nasty left hook to the body and follow-up knee finished the fight on a first-round TKO via the 3-knockdown rule.

While Kwasi was a quick winner, his finals opponent Ekrem Doruk had a more difficult time in the semis.

Doruk had to go an extra round in winning a split decision over Jay Overmeer.

Holland’s Overmeer started the bout well, and backed up Doruk with his punches. Doruk adjusted and started to have the edge in the bout. With neither fighter scoring a count on the other or doing major damage, an extra round was necessary.

Doruk landed the better punches in the bonus round to win a split decision.

In the final, Kwasi showed some nice hand skills in defeating Doruk by unanimous decision.

He banged Doruk’s body with some solid blows, and landed some short punches upstairs. At distance, Kwasi caught the shorter Doruk coming forward.

The Dutch fighter picked up his work rate in the last round but but couldn’t daze the tough Doruk.

Stahl Beats Leko in Battle of German Veterans
In a battle of German veterans, Karl Stahl stopped German K-1 legend Stefan Leko in the first round of their IKBO Heavyweight K-1 Rules Title bout.

Leko, returning from a lengthy layoff, never seemed to find his rhythm in the bout.

Stahl landed the better shots before scoring an overhand right that dropped Leko.

Leko got up but was noticeably dazed, and the referee wisely halted the bout at the 2:03 mark.

Stahl told FightBox and KOK Fights TV commentator Daniel Austin he was pleased with the way the fight transpired.

“I think I hope it go to a dog fight. It was a dog fight. I go every fight for the knockout,” Stahl said.

“I have a lot of respect for Stefan. He’s a legend.”

A disappointed Leko said this wouldn’t be the end for him.

“”I don’t want to give up like this. I’ll be back,” he said.

Germans Beat Brazilians in MMA Title Battles
Two IKBO MMA Title bouts also took place. Both German fighters were victorious over Brazilian opponents.

Hatef Moeil won his heavyweight bout against Wesley Almeida via first-round TKO. Moeil scored a quick takedown, and after a restart in ring center, landed some elbows that led to a referee stoppage.

In an 84 kg title fight, Aziz Karaoglu defeated Rodrigo Carlos via decision.

Carlos felt Karaoglu’s punching power and adopted a strategy of flopping to the canvas after getting hit or shooting for takedowns in order to avoid a standup battle.

The Brazilian’s strategy made for a dull encounter, with the referee frequently telling Carlos to get up after he dropped to the mat.

Karaoglu was warned for hitting behind the head but never lost a point. At the end of three rounds, the veteran was a clear winner over Almeida.

More Results
Results from nearly all the bouts are included below. KOK is planning to return to Germany with an event in Hamburg next year.

The KOK World Series 2019 in Germany was broadcast on FightBox HD and streamed live and worldwide on KOK Fights TV.

30 November, 2019
KOK World Series 2019 in Germany
Yayla Arena, Krefeld, Germany

Opening Bouts
-72 kg (KOK Rules Kickboxing, 3 x 2): Armin Riedel (Germany) def. Sofian el Habri (Germany)-Unanimous Decision
-72 kg (KOK Rules, 3 x 2): Mohagheri Amir (Iran) def. Patrick Lenzen (Switzerland)-KO Round 1

FightBox KOK Hero’s Series
-77 kg GP: Ekrem Doruk (Germany) def. Jay Overmeer (Netherlands)-Extra Round, Split Decision
-77 kg GP: Chico Kwasi (Netherlands) def. Mohamed Wade (Italy)-TKO Round 1 (3 Knockdowns)
-Heavyweight: Moriba Kosiah (Liberia) def. Ronny Donkor (Germany)-KO Round 2 (Knee)
-Heavyweight (MMA): Hatef Moeil (Germany) def. Wesley Almeida (Brazil)-TKO Round 1 (Strikes)-IKBO MMA Heavyweight Title Fight
-77 kg GP: Chico Kwasi def. Ekrem Doruk- Unanimous Decision (Kwasi wins GP Tournament)

KOK World GP 2019
+93 kg (Heavyweight): Mohammed Daddouch def. Sasa Polugic (Serbia)-Split Decision (KOK Contender Fight)
-Heavyweight (Boxing, 6 x 3): Dominic Vial (Germany) winner by second-round TKO
-Light Heavyweight (Boxing, 10 x 3): Alexander Rigas (Germany) def. Alpay Yaman (Turkey)-IBO Continental Light Heavyweight Title
-Heavyweight: (K-1 Rules): Karl Stahl (Germany) def. Stefan Leko (Germany)-TKO Round 1 (Overhand Right)-IKBO K-1 Rules Heavyweight World Title
-84 kg: Aziz Karaoglu (Germany) def. Rodrigo Carlos (Brazil)- Unanimous Decision (IKBO MMA World Title Fight)

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