We are opening a new page in history !

This year, the Lithuanian Bushido Federation (LBF) is celebrating its 20th anniversary and opens up a new page in history.  Donatas Simanaitis, the head of the federation, is pleased with the world-wide victories in various tournaments and the largest martial arts tournaments in Europe.

“During 20 years of existence  LBF has showed  to Lithuanians that there is more than one sport religion in Lithuania,” said D. Simanaitis, the president of LBF.- We are delighted that we are the largest Lithuanian sports federation, which is broadcasted by all five continents in over 120 countries. Show me another sport federation in Lithuania who can brag such of scale of broadcasts. “

According to D. Simanaitis, the Lithuanian Bushido Federation is constantly promoting the name of Lithuania around the world.

This year, LBF signed an annual cooperation agreement with the Tete-A-Tete Casino brand.

“The Bushido Federation is fascinating  by the fact that it is dashing  and popular. This brand is very dynamic, said Olegas Smirnovas,  the CEO of Tete-A-Tete Casino. – The Tete-A-Tete Casino brand and social responsibilities  are two inseparable things  for a long time. We are trying to keep it going, so we haven’t missed the chance to become general sponsors of Bushido Federation. ‘

LBF has impressively started the year of 2019 with Amateur K-1 Lithuanian Championship which  was held in January.

” There will be many more to come: Amateur European Ju-Jitsu / Bushido Tournament, Three BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES Tournaments in Siemens Arena, One in Zalgiris Arena, SWAT  Series and many more”- said D. Simanaitis.

The closest Bushido tournament “KOK WORLD SERIES 2019 IN VILNIUS”  will be held the 16th of March in Vilnius Siemens Arena, where the best martial arts fighters. The audience will be able to see the strongest  Lithuanian martial arts fighters  in the ring.

For more information on upcoming tournaments, visit www.kokfights.com