To big surprise the series of KING OF KINGS (KOK) tournaments continue its steady lead among the fighting shows in Europe

To big surprise the series of KING OF KINGS (KOK) tournaments continue its steady lead among the fighting shows in Europe”. This is the opinion of the world’s best experts in the field of fighting shows. From the point of view of the European sports media, the crisis that occurred in the K-1 Global, has not ended.

Attempts to revive this project come with varying degrees of success but unfortunately more often with negative impact. Due to the world financial crisis as well as a number of other global changes the ITS SHOWTIME has been absorbed by the GLORY project. Meanwhile, the GLORY is determined to move to the new world, namely to the United States. It will have a negative effect on the old Europe and Asia, where many of the global known fighting brands have been formed. GLORY is one of them. But, nature abhors a vacuum. On one side, K-1 GLOBAL is desperately looking for new places for their tournaments and set of interesting fighters. On the other side, their old database has almost exhausted itself, for which reasons the dates for the show are shifting again and again.



Meanwhile, the KOK brand is becoming more famous and popular from year to year. There are several reasons for that:

(1) First advantage is the new list of young and talented fighters,
(2) the second advantage is in the fact that all tournaments take place on the exact date and time as announced,
(3) last but not least is the fact that that tournaments are held not only among the super-heavy weights and 71 kg, but also among such interesting weight categories as 65 and 85kg. Old classic methods are no longer valid. Innovation is necessary but many projects are not ready for it. KOK is!

Independent observers state that the KOK brand has nourished and grew more than several dozens of talented fighters in all categories and this is only the beginning. We should underline that among the KOK fighters we can name such famous names as Pavel Zhuravlev, Sergei Lashchenko, Constantine Tsutsu, Maxim Raylyan, Tadas Yonkus, Arthur Kishenko and certainly Zabit Samedov. Meanwhile, the core of the K1 Global fights is based on the old school fighters.

Based on TV and Internet broadcast ratings we can surely say that KOK is recognizable around the world. Is it not an indicator of success in such a short period of time? It is worth noting that KOK is associated with stability. During the four-year period KOK had organized an average of eight World and European Grand Prix per year. This year’s Grand Prix are already planned for the autumn and winter according to the following schedule: September – Chisinau, October – Riga, November – Vilnius and Magdeburg (Germany), December – Chisinau and London.

During all times the most important factors for admirers and fans of martial arts are stability, new aspects of the show and, of course, new competing champions. KOK has them all! Let’s see how they succeed. So, dear readers, you can now enjoy the spectacular fights  and support your favorite KOK athletes.