UFC Fighter J. Stoliarenko will fight in Vilnius

Lithuanian Bushdio Federation (LBF) announces that the best Lithuanian mixed martial fighter of all-times Julia Stoliarenko, after a great performance at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), will fight in “KOK series & MMA Bushido 2019 in Vilnius” tournament.

The organizers promises that Lithuanian who have shaken the world will fight in super fight.

“Julija is an example of all sporting stubbornness that motivates many young athletes in Lithuania,” said Dontas Simanaitis the president of the LBF. – In Japan, J. Stoliarenko in project “Seiza” won all the battles and became a lightweight world champion as well with this she have put a great show at the UFC reality project.

D. Simanaitis reassured that Lithuanian will step in to the ring on March 16th at Vilnius Siemens Arena.

J. Stoliarenko opponent will be announced next week – follow the news at kokfights.com