Rising KOK star  Edvinas Salkovskis, will meet experienced opponent from Poland on on March 18 in KOK World Series tournament in Vilnius.

Young fighter Edvinas Salkovski, who represents sports club “Sparta gym” in the light heavyweight category, will challenge Polish martial arts star Michal Walczak. Salkovski trains in his club and gains experience from such KOK stars as Sergej Maslobojev and Hendrikas Viksraitis. People are talking that this talented fighter who has great opportunities to match the popularity and charisma of the audience’s favorite Sergej Maslobojev sometime in the future. Therefore, it is extremely interesting to watch the evolution of this young fighter in the fighting ring. The Lithuanian could lend his courage and stubbornness to victory to any of his opponents. The list of Lithuanian trophies includes K-1 and WAKO Kickboxing World Champion titles, as well as a whole bunch of victories in Lithuanian and international kickboxing tournaments.

Edvinas says: “I always say, I’m going to win”, even though his opponent   Michal Walczak, has more experience in professional fights so far.

Meanwhile, the Polish fighter Michal Walczak, when asked about the upcoming fight with the Lithuanian, did not say much: “since my first debut in the KOK tournament, which did not go in to my favor, so now I am preparing to make up for everything and prove to everyone around me that I am worthy of the opportunity to fight for the KOK champion belt  in the future,   I will “defeat” all opponents that come my way.”

To which of these fighters will fortune turn its face to, and whose back will it turn to? Will the Pole succeed in carrying out his threats? We will see the answers to these questions soon, in less than two weeks.

Video: https://youtu.be/G_aWMf5Gkp4