M. Narauskas: He will get all the answers at the ring !

“It will be a good possibility, and I will take it,- said Mindaugas Narauskas, club “Titanas” student.- I never been afraid of challenges and I know that every time I step in to the ring I go there just for the victory”.

The 21st of September in Kaunas “Zalgirio arena” he will meet with KOK champion in 71kg weight category Henrikas Viksraitis.

“Sparta Gym” student already said some sharp comments about upcoming fight. “Once I already won against him. I don’t like to look in to past, every time I want to reach for something bigger. But if there is  a need, I will show to everybody once again, that I am stronger, faster, more accurate, better”, said H. Vikstraitis few weeks ago.

Narauskas says that he does not care about his opponent words. “ Most often I do not care about my opponent opinion, I already heard many loud speakers. The answer will be one -at the ring. I know that till this fight H. Vikstraitis has to do very big job- to lose some weight. That’s what I wish for him, so this time he will be able to stay with his beard on”,- M. Narauskas reminded the last fight of H. Viksraitis where he had to shave his beard so he would fit in his weight category.

Preparation goes by the plan. “I eat picas and I work out a lot, – laughs the fighter.-  For the sake being let’s leave the fight plan behind “Titanas” gym doors. You will be able to see everything soon”.

Narauskas is happy that the fight will be held in Kaunas. “I will fight at home, I will get the support from all of my fans, – sais the fighter.- This gives me a lot of additional strength. I know that I am fearless at home, because I can feel strong support”.


VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrOhW3bT568