KOK Elimination WORLD GP 2013 in Magdeburg

Germany has been waiting for a real martial arts show for a long time now. This time Germany will be shaken by the real fighters elite. The event will feature an 8 man GP elimination tournament with well known fighters from Germany, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Denmark, Albania and Poland. There will be 7 Super fights including superstar Artur Kyshenko fighting a well known fighter Bakar Baraket, Denis Shnidmiler (2013 KOK World GP champion) vs. Wiliem Diender, Marco Aschenbrenner-master of knockouts from Germany vs. Daniel Zeuner. Also expect 2 elimination fights between the best German heavyweights where the winners will qualify to the next KOK stage. The tournament is promising plenty of surprises as a show itself and plenty of intrigue in the fights.