KOK’114 Heavyweight World GP in Germany Postponed to March 2024

In an unexpected turn of events, the much-anticipated KOK’114 Heavyweight World Grand Prix, originally scheduled for the 23rd of September 2023 in Germany, has been postponed. Fans will now have to mark their calendars for March 2024 to witness the grandeur of this event.

The KOK’114 promises a stellar line-up of heavyweight contenders, making it one of the most awaited events in the fighting arena.The anticipation for the clash between the heavyweights is palpable. Pundits and enthusiasts alike predict that the face-offs in this GP will be nothing short of spectacular. The sheer power, technique, and strategy displayed by these top-tier athletes are expected to provide a spectacle that’s out of this world.

We, along with fans worldwide, await the upcoming event with bated breath. The resounding clash of titans in the KOK’114 Heavyweight World GP is sure to be a highlight of the sporting year. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for an unforgettable experience next March.

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