KOK’113 Special Summer Edition in Cyprus Delivers an Unforgettable Night

On the 15th of July, the highly anticipated KOK’113 Special Summer Edition took place in Cyprus, captivating audiences with an evening filled with exhilarating martial arts action. This event brought together a diverse array of fighters, including renowned names from Cyprus as well as international talents, resulting in an unforgettable night that left spectators on the edge of their seats. The KOK’113 event in Cyprus showcased the best of combat sports, thrilling the audience with explosive action throughout the night. From start to finish, each fight delivered adrenaline-pumping moments, displaying the competitors’ skill, courage, and determination. -65 kg: Kyriakos Alepidis (CYP) def. Vaicheslav Borshevskis (LV) by SD -65 kg: Christofer Thoma (CYP) def. Lukas Luka (CYP) by UD -54 kg: Yousef Mehdi Husein (ISR) def. Andres Ioannou (CYP) by SD -57 kg: Vassilis Ntozes (GR) def. Bassel Abo Alel (CYP/SYR) by UD -71 kg: Pavlos Pavlidis (CYP) def. Savvas CHristoforou (CYP) by MD -71 kg (Muay Thai Rules): Ruslan Fradkin (ISR) def. Panagitis Papastylianou (CYP) by UD -67 kg: Paul Nsubmu Muna (Congo) def. Christos Evgeniou (CYP) by UD -81 kg: Adel Berish (CYP) def. Vjaslav Teless (LV) by TKO, 3rd rd (ref. stoppage) -71 kg: Mohamad Dadmehr (IRN) def. Stefanos Stamatio (CYP) by SD -65 kg: Marios Dapi (GR/ALB) def. Levan Revazishvili (CYP/GEO) by UD -57 kg: Ismael Al Khadi (CYP) def. Vito Montemuro (ITA) by TKO, 1st rd (doctor’s stoppage) The next KOK event will be 23.09.2023 when a one-night, eight-man heavyweight WGP tournament will be held in Bonn, Germany. You can watch replay on www.primefightplay.com