KOK: Turkey vs Russia Results

The King of Kings organization in association with Mr. Erkan Varol returned to Sakarya, Turkey on Friday for another event.

Another huge crowd at the Hendek Bayraktepe Arena witnessed a night of entertaining kickboxing action that featured a Turkey vs Russia challenge, and fights featuring some of Turkey’s top fighters.

The night was not without some controversy, as a local fighter won a questionable decision over a former amateur champion, and angry fans pelted the ring with water bottles after a Russian fighter landed a kick to an injured Turkish opponent.

FightBox KOK Hero’s Series Results
-73 kg: Recep Akin (Turkey) def. Abdull Quayum Nazari (Afghanistan)-Split Decision
The fight card began with a bout between two fighters undefeated early in their professional careers.

Afghanistan’s Nazari (4-1, 3 KOs) started quickly, as he landed a good right hand and tried a spinning kick. In round two, Akin (4-0, 2 KOs) landed some good kicks and knees to the body. Akin landed a good one-two, and followed up with more punches to force an eight-count with Nazari trapped in the corner. The Turkish fighter was the stronger man in round three, as Nazari was the more tired of the two. Both fighters received point deductions (Akin for holding and hitting on the break, and Nazari for hitting with the palm of the glove) by no-nonsense referee Kemal Altuntas.

-70 kg: Mohammed Karimov (Uzbekistan) def. Enes Yayla (Turkey)-Unanimous Decision
Both fighters seemed to miss a lot in round one. Karimov (5-4, 2 KOs) had a good second round. The Uzbek fighter effectively countered Yayla’s jab with left hook-right hand combinations, and landed clean lead left hooks. In round three, he hurt Yayla (11-4, 4 KOs) with a good kick to the body. Yayla landed a couple of good punches late in the round. Both fighters had points deducted for infractions.

-75 kg: Abdullah Kaplan (Turkey) def. Murad Esedov (Azerbaijan)-Unanimous Decision
Kaplan (12-3, 5 KOs), nicknamed “The Tiger”, was too strong for Esedov (7-3, 4 KOs). The Turkish fighter mixed his techniques nicely, and by round two Esedov was feeling the effects from Kaplan’s low kicks. Esedov received two eight-counts from the referee during the bout.

-75 kg: Gokhan Sever def. Bunyamin Aliyev (Azerbaijan)-Unanimous Decision
Sever (8-1, 4 KOs) got the better of Aliyev (6-4, 2 KOs) to win the decision in a competitive fight in the 75 kg weight category.

-77 kg: Ahmet Kilic (Turkey) def. Hossein Mollmahdi (Iran)-Split Decision
In a battle of welterweight prospects, Turkey’s Kilic (13-1, 8 KOs) spoiled the unbeaten record of Mollmahdi (6-1, 1 KO).

Kilic outscored Mollmahdi, fighting out of Dubai by way of Iran, with combination punching. The Turkish fighter showed quick hands. Mollmahdi’s best technique was the low kick, and by the second round Kilic’s leg was bruised.

The fight was interrupted a few times by low blows. Mollmahdi was in pain in the second round after a couple of errant techniques, and had to be attended to by medical staff. The referee took away a point from Kilic. In round three, Kilic was fortunate to avoid disqualification after he caught a kick and then threw a kick that appeared to land in the groin area as Mollmahdi fell to the canvas.

After the bout, an emotional Kilic told Daniel Austin of FightBox and KOK Fights TV he came into the fight with an injury.

“First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the fans for their prayers. I was not in the best shape. I had a fracture of my hand, and my father didn’t allow me to fight. But I put my heart tonight, and with the support of all the fans, I had the victory tonight.”

-60 kg: Ozgenur Avcil (Turkey) def. Ece Cakir Turkey)-Unanimous Decision
In a questionable verdict by the judges, Avcil (13-1) was awarded an unanimous decision over the debuting Cakir (0-1), a former WAKO Europe amateur champion. Cakir enjoyed a 13 cm height advantage, and used her height and reach effectively. She caught Avcil with punches and low kicks on the way in, and also scored points with knees to the body in the clinch.

Avcil landed a few shots of her own and was the aggressor, but she seemed to be clearly outscored during the three rounds. It appeared the referee deducted a point from Cakir in round three for holding, but he didn’t take a point away from Avcil when she threw Cakir to the canvas in the second round. Even with the point deduction, it would be hard to declare Avcil the winner.

Cakir’s coach was understandably angry after the bout, and had to be restrained from coming into the ring, according to the commentator. The winner Avcil was the hometown fighter. Perhaps the crowd influenced the judges, but a rematch would be the fair solution after a controversial decision such as this.

KOK World Series: Turkey vs Russia
-85 kg: Muhammed Zengin (Turkey) def. Temerlan Adiga Aslanov (Russia)-Unanimous Decision
Zengin (3-0, 1 KO) knocked Aslanov down in the second round and landed some good knees to the body after. Aslanov also landed some good blows, and seemed to score a knockdown with a left hand in round three that wasn’t counted.

Some irate fans pelted the ring with water bottles in round two after Aslanov landed a kick that strayed below the belt. Zengin was doubled over, and Aslanov looked at the ref to see if there was a timeout, but the referee did not do anything. The Russian fighter then landed a kick to the midsection and Zengin went down. Fans, thinking that Aslanov fouled Zengin intentionally, began throwing things at the ring.

“We have complete chaos here, ladies and gentlemen,” said Austin.

– 71 kg: Ibrahim Betsukov (Russia) def. Yasin Arduc (Turkey)-KO Round 3 (Punches)
Betsukov was too quick and crafty for Arduc. The Russian fighter switched between southpaw and orthodox, and fought effectively off both the back and front foot. Late in round two, Betsukov (5-0, 3 KOs) landed some good left hands with Arduc (4-2, 1 KO) in the corner.

Betsukov ended matters early in round three. A sledgehammer left stunned Arduc, and a follow up left knocked Arduc to the canvas. A Betsukov right hook landed while Arduc was falling, and he was out on the canvas. Arduc appeared to be okay but needed help leaving the ring.

-65 kg: Bedirhan Kanbur (Turkey) def. Said Asatov (Russia)-Unanimous Decision
Asatov (3-3) showed some nice movement and footwork, but the better shots were landed by Kanbur (6-4, 2 KOs) to earn a unanimous decision victory.

-73 kg: Beslan Temrokov (Russia) def. Alparslan Yondem (Turkey)-TKO Round 1
Temrokov (6-1, 6 KOs) kept his knockout streak intact with a first-round stoppage against the previously unbeaten Yondem (4-1, 1 KO).

Temrokov landed a good punch early, and Yondem became too aggressive and walked into some hard punches. Temrokov continued to land, and after a pair of left hands caused Yondem to lean forward near the ropes, the referee stepped in for an eight count. Yondem’s corner recognized their fighter was overmatched and threw in the towel.

-77 kg: Amir Khan Alborov def. Mustafa Akdemir (Turkey)-Unanimous Decision
Alborov, listed at 190 cm tall, enjoyed large height and reach advantages over Akdemir. He had Akdemir against the ropes early in round one, and threw a nice punch combination after he missed an axe kick. Later in round one, the Russian knocked Akdemir down with a left-right combination.

Alborov (10-1, 7 KOs) landed his right hand regularly for the remaining two rounds, and seemed to hurt Akdemir (9-2, 4 KOs) every time it landed. Akdemir gave a courageous effort, and even landed a couple of good shots in round three that drew cheers from the crowd. It was a clear win for the Russian though, who probably could have knocked his opponent out if he chose to.

Russia Team Defeats Turkey Team 3-2

Other Bouts:
Ramazan Paramisov (Russia) def. Rejepbaj Akramov (Turkmenistan)-TKO Round 2 (Injury)
Paramisov (7-1, 4 KOs) picked up his second win in KOK competition in as many bouts after Akramov (6-3, 4 KOs) was unable to continue due to injury. Akramov injured his left leg in round one, and was unable to continue in round two after an eight count.

-65 kg: Ozgur Memmedov (Azerbaijan) def. Tufan Genc (Turkey)-Unanimous Decision
-70 kg: Ferzan Cicek (Turkey) def. Serdar Muradov-KO Round 1
-70 kg: Omer Faruk Duran (Turkey) def. Fathuddin Gayratov (Uzbekistan)-Unanimous Decision
(Source of these results FightBox HD)

Friday’s event was sponsored by Black Bruin energy drink, and broadcast live in Turkey on TV 8 and TV 8,5.

FightBox HD televised the event internationally, and the event was streamed worldwide on KOK Fights TV.

Mustafa Ozben was the ring announcer, and also translated Turkish into English for the interviews on the international broadcast. Daniel Austin and Daniel Dzuibicki called the action for FightBox HD.

KOK President Donatas Simanaitis and ring announcer Rytis Kuzmenka were in attendance.

The next KOK event takes place on 16 August, as the organization returns to Sakarya for another event.