KOK Global announces news in middleweight category

KOK WORLD INTERM MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT will happen between KOK 4 GP winner from Norway Andreas Iversen and fighter from Estonia Maxim Vorovski The bout will happen the 05th of June in Tallinn.

In 2018 Andreas Iversen won Grand Prix tournament in the first fight by defeating fighter from Turkey Erkan Varol in welterweight category. In the final fight he was fighting fighter from Sweden Constantino Nanngo and acquired the right to fight for the welterweight interim title.

After this victory Andreas Iversen decided to go to higher weight category.

Another big event will happen in Warszawa the 21st of May 2021 where Kamil Ruta will face KOK Europe champion Jurijs Orlovs. This fight winner will  gain the right to fight for the KOK champion title.

Current MIDDLEWEIGT champion Daniel Forsberg (Finland) will have to defend the champion belt at least two times in Autumn.