KOK 84 and 85 Postponed

The King of Kings organisation (KOK) has postponed scheduled events in Lithuania and Bosnia because of ongoing government restrictions caused by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

KOK 84 was originally scheduled for March in Vilnius, Lithuania. After the Lithuanian government banned large public gatherings days prior to the event, KOK 84 was pushed back to May before being rescheduled for 27 June.

With the government continuing its lockdown and restrictions on large public audiences, the promotion was forced to change the date again.

KOK 84 is now scheduled for November 14 at the Siemens Arena, where the promotion celebrated its 20th anniversary before over 10,000 fans in November of last year.

The federation also postponed its return to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. KOK 85 had been scheduled for July 3, with Bosnian legend and KOK Europe Heavyweight Champion Dzevad “BH Machine” Poturak against K-1 veteran Freddy Kemayo in the main event.

Bosnia, like Lithuania, implemented a lockdown in response to the pandemic and is gradually lifting the restrictions in “stages” in order to contain the virus’s spread.

Audience-Free Shows Planned

While KOK 84 and 85 have been postponed, there is still good news for fight fans. KOK is planning two events to be held without live audiences. The events will take place “during the summer”, according a promotion representative.

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