Interview with Denis “Chucky” Schneidmiller, KOK WORLD GP 2013 Champion

Denis what is your nickname story: I had my second A class fight against a fighter named Valon Basha, he was very strong and it was a intense Fight. It was so hard that I started to smile and asked for more. I did not mean it disrespectfull. I just asked him to give me his all. The audience had witnessed my smile and suddenly somebody started to scream “Chucky” I have reminded him of the Movie puppet “Chucky”. One Guy started and all the others followed with fun. So suddenly everybody was screaming Chucky Chucky Chucky Chucky. Froim there on my Nickname was born.

Where do You originally come from: Novonikailewka in Siberia. My Parents are German Russian. We lived in the little Village of Novonikailewka with about 150 People. We moved to Germany when I was 14 years old.

When and how started fighting: I started fighting with 15 years. I was playing football and was looking for a second hobby beside football. But as soon as I started with Thaiboxing I fell in love with the Sport right away. I am still with my Trainer from the first hour together. We are fighting for Team Souwer. It is the Team of the Dutch Legend Andy Souwer. We are Training in the Sportsclub “Xess Fightschool” in Hamburg. One of my most important wins, was the win of the K-1 MAX East Europe Tournament in Vilnius/Lithuania and the second was the win of the Shootboxing Europe Title.

Unfortunately I had some bad luck in the last two years. It started with a major injury against my now Team mate Henri Van Opstal. I was out of the Game for about 1 complete year. After I recovered, I had accident at my Day job and I injured a mussel of my lower back. Unfortunately it came right away after my win over Warren Stevelmanns.

Family?: I am married to my wonderful Wife. We are expecting our first Baby in February 2014

What’s your plans for future?: Stay healthy, stay happy, be the best I can get, make a lot of entertaining Fight.