Ignas Barysas: “I have always been close to the ring”

As one of the year’s most important sports events – the KOK’120 World Series tournament – approaches, Lithuania’s martial arts scene eagerly anticipates the appearance of one of its brightest stars – Ignas Barysas. After a long break, Ignas will step into the ring on March 16th at the Avia Solutions Group arena in Vilnius.

The year 2023 was full of challenges for I. Barysas. “Last year was a lot of work, a lot of training and traveling,” reveals Barysas. He says that this year his main goal is to prepare for fights and improve both his and his students’ techniques.

Talking about his student Tadas Sinkevicius, who will fight in the KOK’119 World Series tournament in Latvia on February 17th, Ignas states: “Tadas is well-prepared and I hope that in the ring he will show his best qualities.”

Ignas Barysas, as a fighter, speaks with confidence about his return to the ring: “Although in 2023 I devoted more time to training than to fighting, returning to the ring for me is a simple and understandable step. I never really drifted far from fighting – I have always been close to the ring, so I feel great and am full of self-confidence.”

“I would like to invite everyone to come and support me and the other fighters. During the preparation stage, we all work very hard, so when the time comes, we will show you an impressive show. I am looking forward to this fight and hope to meet you there,” said Barysas.

Ignas Barysas is undoubtedly one of the most prominent figures in Lithuania’s martial arts scene. His return to the ring on March 16th is one of the most anticipated events this year.

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