H. Viksraitis will fight for the champion title in March

This fight supposed to happen in November, but in July, “Sparta Gym” student suffered from serious trauma while fighting  with England champion Nikolas Mendes in London.

On 16th of November in Vilnius “Siemens arena” audience saw the comeback of H. Viksraitis. That time Lithuanian fighter won by KO while fighting with Greece K-1 champion.

At this point the title of champion up to 71kg belongs to Vitalei Matei.

However, everything might change on March 16th, as the organizers announces the title fight between  V. Matei  and H. Viksraitis.

This would be the second champion belt which would belong for Lithuanians. In the weight category up to 93 kilograms, the belt belongs to Sergey Masloboyev, who will fight in March in a super fight.


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMfQqgqv5po