Ernesta Kareckaite goes for another challenge

The 18th of March in Vilnius, King of Kings is coming back with – „KOK’110 Mega Series 2023 in Vilnius“event. The fans of martial arts will be able to enjoy the show of best Lithuanian and foreign fighters as well as unique show program.

In one of the upcoming fights, two of the most promising representatives of their countries, Ernesta Kareckaite, who recently won the Hexagone MMA World Champion belt, and European WAK-1F and multiple I.F.M.A. Polish Muay Thai champion Ilona Wojda.

Both fighters, although very young, already have an impressive baggage of fighting experience and victories. Both fighters are not only walking firmly on their chosen path, but are also successfully training others.

This time, Ernesta will face a considerable challenge, as she will have to reorient herself from MMA to kickboxing in a relatively short period of time. However, according to the versatile fighter, this should not cause much difficulty, she says: “since I am a universal fighter, fighting in a standing position or wrestling is completely the same for me. I feel confident there and there, so I’m looking forward to the upcoming fight.”

Meanwhile, Ernesta Kareckaite’s coach Ignas Barysas said: “we are not afraid of new challenges, and we have a lot of information about future opponent and prepare a fighting strategy. We are currently preparing and training for the fight in Spain, so when the time comes we will be 100 percent ready.”

Meanwhile, the Polish fighter Ilona Wojda is also fully assured of her victory: “All the preparations are going according to plan. I just got back from a winter sports camp where I improved my skills and stamina. I am training with experienced boxers every day. Ernesta is strong both physically and psychologically. She never gives up and will definitely try to dominate the fight. I am sure that Ernesta will face an insurmountable obstacle in Vilnius.”