“I feel great as I have defended my champion belt. I want to save it, says KOK champion Henrikas Viksraitis, he  defended champion belt in September in a five-round fight against Kaunas fighter Mindaugas Narauskas. “I learned how to stop mysef from making mistakes and I keep myself in” sharp “shape so that when someone will come up with the challenge he will get what he deserves.“


Sparta Fight Gym fighter will meet Ilyas Boukyoua from Netherlands on November 16 at Siemens Arena in Vilnius at the KOK’80 World Series 2019 & MMA Bushido Hero’s tournament.


“I am not searching for the information about my opponent,” says Viksraitis. – But we are all human beings – we all work, we all
work towards our goals and desires.
Dutch fighters are often hot-blooded and have huge
But here I am going to repeat myself that I like challenges and look forward to fighting. I want to please the audience with a beautiful and ‘non-banal’ fight.


“The challenge,” H. Viksraitis repeated. – I think it would be a rival who has repeatedly performed well in the ring, who is active, who wins by knockouts, is technical, wants victory and is physically fit. That would force me to exercise even harder. I hope I. Boukyoua will be like that. ”


When asked if the audience had seen the best version of H. Viksraitis in the ring, the fighter wondered. “I think the viewers really have seen the best version of myself,” the fighter smiled. – But I’d like to be even better. You need to give yourself an injection of will and
I think it would be useful for anyone who pursues their goal.


Before each fight, H. Viksraitis, who demonstrated inner peace, admitted that this was just a mask he had become accustomed to.


“With every fight it is easier to put on that mask because experience teaches us and makes us feel better in different situations,” says Viksraitis. – I’m not new to the ring. I get anxious, but I can handle it. “

The fighter admitted that he had learned to cope with a growing popularity. “Openly? I like when people are happy about my fights, they are
interested in my personality, ”says Viksraitis.
– I don’t feel like a standard fighter, I want to help people – kids, teenagers. I train them, spread my difficult life story, and show that even in difficult times, I can pursue my dreams. I hope there will be people who will believe in it and
follow my example. “

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9FEPF3ximk