Fighter Martynas Jasiunas: „I am always reaching for the victory in the ring. “

„I am always reaching for the victory in the ring. This is my only goal “, said 20-year-old fighter Martynas Jasiunas, who is preparing for the international" Bushido Hero's "tournament in Vilnius. 

The 18th of November at „Siemens arena “fighting club „Vindetta“ student will fight with fighter from Poland Przemyslawu Pawlaku.

"I will fight against him for the first time. I know that he is older and well built, "said M. Jasiunas. - As far as I have experience, most of my rivals later become my friends. I always wish the best for my friends, therefore, I wish success for Przemyslawas well. "

Jasiunas spent whole summer at Muay Thai camp in Thailand. "I was preparing for the European Muay Thai Championship," reminded the fighter. - Now I am preparing for the KOK tournament. I train twice a day, so I think I will be in good shape. I paid a lot of attention to endurance as well I trained with many different rivals. How much it affected me, we will be able to see soon at the ring.

According to the “Vendetta” fighter, the victory consists of many ingredients. "The main ones are precise and strong punches, stamina, technique and experience,"- said M. Jasiunas. -"I pay a lot of attention to fighting techniques, so I think it will be my strength”. 

"I will try to make my fight interesting and memorable, and I will wait for passionate support from the audience," smiled the young fighter. – There are many friends and supporters coming to “Siemens” arena to support me. And this time I will wait for them ".