T. Pakutinskas took a chance to challenge the Olympic champion: this time we will see how it goes

The 18th of September 2017 at Vilnius “Siemens Arena” Lithuanian fighter T. Pakutinskas will fight with Olympic champion Satoshi Ishii. 180 centimetres high and 110 kilograms’ weight thirty years old fighter- Japan pride, who is already had a possibility to shine at Hollywood.  The club “Rings” student T. Pakutinskas states that the titles and fame does not scare him. “Preparation for this duel is very intensive, I am currently doing two workouts a day, - said T. Pakutinskas. - I am preparing to go to a camp at Belarus, where I will have a possibility to works with stars like Aleksejus Kudinas “.

 When we asked what he expects from his future rival, T. Pakutinskas confessed that he is preparing for the whole arsenal of Japanese wrestling actions. “I will be ready. I do not like to talk a lot, so I will wish him a good fight, “ when he was asked the question whether the audience can expect his branded choke he focused. “Let’s keep this as a secret. S. Ishii is an extraordinary rival; we will see how it goes.” T. Pakutinskas said he belives that his strength in this fight will be technique in stance.  When he was asked what in his opinion will determines the success of the fight he did not hesitated: "I think the success of the fight is determined by the stubbornness to win." "Martial arts require a lot of power," said the athlete. - You must be strong both: physically and psychologically. In my opinion, not everyone who visits the gym becomes fighter because usually they break mentally. They see that they are not sitting at the computer with chips in their hands; they see that they need a lot of hard work here. The combatant must have a strong character. "