As fans from around the world are getting ready for a new KOK (King of Kins) season and the upcoming world championship showdown between the strongest KOK fighters, Estonian KOK fighters gathered for the press conference regarding the upcoming KOK tournament in Tallinn, which will take place on 17th of September in SAKU SUURHALL.

 Grand Prix fighters up to 65 kg. were introduced to Estonian public.

The sure-fire action fight features two of KOK’s most resilient fighters who have taken on the top fighters in the division on their rise to stardom, garnering praise and respect from fans all over the world: coming up for the title match, hailed as one of the most entertaining fighters – Roman Zobin vs. Sergei Morrari.


Today was the official fighters weightings in Vilnius. All fighters threw a lot of weight, a lot of work and are ready for the most serious fights. “Last days was so difficult, but I will recover today and everything will be perfect”,- most of the fighters said.


Of course, much interest has attracted girls fighters weighing. Glances confrontation both hid a smile and arrears ahead of Martyna Chech unceremoniously stood on the scales against all taking off sports pants. Julia Stoliarenko meanwhile benefited situated near the wallpaper.


Two fighters, Vladimir Tok and Julius Mocka, will try to find out: who is better in KOK WORLD TITLE MATCH? Other fighters who will go into the ring: Mindaugas Narauskas, Nauris Lukosiunas, Konrad Czopowicz, Martynas Jasiunas, Felix Minners, Herkus Lukosiunas, Kyriakos Alepidis, Deividas Danyla, Jordy Laret, Henrikas Viksraitis, Artur Drazek, Ignas Barysas, Arya Sheikh Hosseini, Tomas Pakutinskas. And in the second part: Aurel Ignat, Valdemar Kulda, Dariusz Skoczek, Igor Osinin, Bartosz Zajac, Tadas Jonkus, Vitalijs Buhrjakovs, Karolis Liukaitis, Gokhan Gedik and Sergej Maslobojev.


When KOK comes home to Vilnius, Lithuania, you know you can expect big things. “Siemens” arena tomorrow will gather about 6,000 people. “This event is expected not only to all of Lithuania, but also in Europe”,- Lithuania Bushido Federation’ s president Donatas Simanaitis said.


KOK WORLD SERIES tournaments differs from many others martial arts tournaments because of highest class and quality of the events, fighters and quantity of fans. All events take place only in the biggest arenas.


KOK is proud to announce that King of Kings, one of the most recognizable brands in the world of kickboxing, will return to live action from their home base of Vilnius, Lithuania for another huge event with fights on Saturday March 19th at 20:30pm Central European Time (21:30pm Lithuania).