"Alot of fighters say that they don't get anxious before their fights, while i can confess that I get nervous before every one of my fights", - says Tomas Pakutinskas while trying to remember the emotion that he feels before stepping in the ring.

Acorrding to the fighter, the anxoiousness disappears as soon as he hears his entrance song. "I forget about everything and focus on the fight, nothing else.

The fighter overflows with emotions after the fight: "The feeling is great. I get goosebumbs all around my body."

T.Pakutinskas will fight with Vaklas Paraskevas on the 21st of september in the „Dream Boxing and KOK‘59 World Series 2018 in Kaunas“ tournament in Kaunas "Žalgiris" arena.

T.Pakutisnkas talked about his opponent for a little bit before the tournament: "I don't really care who i fight. I never pick, I just fight with whoever I'm assigned to fight with". The fighter also talked about his preparation for the tournament: "We trained hard for this tournament. The main focus this time was wrestling. We boxed less, but physically we worked alot.

When asked about his upcomming opponent T.Pakutinskas confessed to not know alot about his opponent. "I know that he has fought in a couple of high level tournaments. I've even heard that he has competed in a tournament where he fought without gloves. I bellieve he will be a very tought opponent. The fight is going to be hard".


Fulfilling his childhood dream Vilius Tarasevicius is ready for everything.

"I will never forget how me and my dad used to watch the K-1 fights happening in Japan. Then i thought that it would be fun to fight in that ring and be well-known", says V.Tarasevicius- fighter for the club "Cunamis".

It was just a little boy's dream.

"Nevertheless I was modest, standing in that ring was a dream, and that dream came true", - says the fighter while getting ready to fight in the "Dream Boxing and KOK'59 World series 2018" tournament, taking place in Kaunas on September 21 st.

V.Tarasevicius will be fighting the greek veteran Nikos Boulis.

"The preparation for the fights has been going great. We worked really hard during the summer, there was not time to rest. Now were working on some really intense pace exercises. The week before the tournament should be a little easier. We have a great team, that's why the preparation for the fights is going well".

When asked about his opponent V.Tarasevicius smiled: "His singularity is his character, the greeks have a hot temper".

"It's very hard to predict how the fight will go. I don't really know my opponent so i can't say what his strenghts or weaknesses are. I will just try to fights how i always do. If i can will knock him out, if not then i will win with wrestling. I will do everything i can to not let the fight go the distance".

Courage and cold-blood are the main traits that allow Vilius to grab wins in the ring.

"The most important thing is to keep my composure and turn my anxiety into positive energy, so that i don't panic in uncomfortable situations, - the fighter says - I have had over 150 karate, kudo, wrestling and MMA fights in my career. I have enough experience and i can confidently step into the KOK ring".

V.Tarasevicius is very excited for the fights. "I can't wait to fight and the fight will take place in my hometown so the fight will be twice more fun".

VIDEO : https://youtu.be/JXbgCjmmUlM