To big surprise the series of KING OF KINGS (KOK) tournaments continue its steady lead among the fighting shows in Europe”. This is the opinion of the world’s best experts in the field of fighting shows. From the point of view of the European sports media, the crisis that occurred in the K-1 Global, has not ended.

Attempts to revive this project come with varying degrees of success but unfortunately more often with negative impact. Due to the world financial crisis as well as a number of other global changes the ITS SHOWTIME has been absorbed by the GLORY project. Meanwhile, the GLORY is determined to move to the new world, namely to the United States. It will have a negative effect on the old Europe and Asia, where many of the global known fighting brands have been formed. GLORY is one of them. But, nature abhors a vacuum. On one side, K-1 GLOBAL is desperately looking for new places for their tournaments and set of interesting fighters. On the other side, their old database has almost exhausted itself, for which reasons the dates for the show are shifting again and again.