KOK 2014 presentation


KOK is a contest of punching and kicking, defeating an opponent using the most elemental fi ghting techniques. The rules are deliberately simple and designed for maximum excitement, encouraging the fi ghters to always go directly for a knock- out win. In the KOK ring, everything is straightforward and clear cut. KOK has a wide fan base, because of its nature, its intensity and spontaneity. Almost 80% of matches end in knock out. This fact is the fundamental attraction of the sport.

KOK was designed to be enjoyed by any type of audience around the world. This is why we say KOK is a universal martial art. KOK encompasses all other martial arts. The KOK ring is open to anyone, and at the end of a contest it’s always clear who has won and who has lost. That’s why the strongest fi ghters in the world are willing to participate in KOK events, to prove their worth and defend their honor.

Ruslan Karaev is returning to big sports. Karaev returns to KOK

Great news for Karaev’s fans. Ruslan is back into sports after a long break. Moreover, Ruslan is not is back in KOK. It has been officially declared that Karaev has signied a contract for 2014 regarding his participation in the KOK tournament. The contract was signed during the press conference held on September 27 dedicated to the last KOK WORLD GP 2013 tournament. That's a real bomb for the world fighting for community. Karaev has very seriously and is ready to prove that he is the best heavyweight fighter in the world. FEA Association (Moldova), led by President Dorin Damir and the IBF Federation (Lithuania) led by their President Donatas Simanaytis have put a lot of effort for marketing of the KOK brand and after the signing of the contract with Ruslan Karaev KOK has become the most advanced fighting project in Europe. So dear friends please find below Ruslan’s Karaev promo video!