World Organization Mma Bushido for the first time in Ukraine!


The press conference of the world organization MMA Bushido was held in the city of Lviv. In this conferance responsable peple as Donatas Simanaitis (the president of Lithuanian Bushido federation), Vitalijus Vovkis (RFP prezident) Vira Makar (Deputy Head of Department of Youth and Sport of LMR) were disscusing the Martial Arts tournament which will be held in the Ukraine for the first time.

Interview with Deividas Danyla


Lithuanian Muay Thay fighter Deividas Danyla who currently is training in Thailand will cause joy for audience in Lithuania and will walk in to the ring 23d of September in KOK tournament in Kaunas "Zalgirio" arena. Fighter states that he is very calm in real life, but when he walks in to the ring he becomes fast and dangerous thas the image of all fighters. Fighters can not follow the adrenalin and desire to win they need to be prepared and be well trained for the tournaments.