KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN GDANSK 4 men tournament

Friday, 17th October, at Gdansk Ergo Arena KOK WORLD GP 2014 will take place.

Four strongest European heavyweight fighters will try to find out: who is the one – king of kings? The winner of this tournament will fight for the title of KOK World champion in 2015.

In this forthcoming 4 men Grand Prix tournament will fight well known names: Sergei Lascenko from Ukraine, Colin George from Holland and two polish fighters Tomasz Szczepkowski from Warszaw, Michał Turyński from Wrocław.

It’s impossible to prognose which of those four fighters will become the main hero of the evening, because all of them have really big experience and very impressive titles.

At the first GP fight will meet 33 years old polish fighter, champion of Poland of Muay Thai Tomasz Szczepkowski against 28 years old dutchman Colin George from the famous Mike’s Gym from Amsterdam. Colin is known for his excellent punching skills and has an experience of fighting with such ring legends like  Jerome Le Banner.

At the second GP fight Michał Turyński, champion of kickboxing of Poland, will face ukrainian fighter Sergei Lashchenko, finalist of K-1 World GP 2009 and champion of Super Combat. Winners of those two fights will meet in final on same evening. Don‘t miss it!

Tickets: www.eBilet.pl and www.eventim.pl

Famous ARTUR KYSHENKO will fight at KOK WORLD GP 2014 in GDANSK

One of the biggest K-1 super stars, many times K-1 World MAX finalist ARTUR KYSHENKO is preparing for the fight in Gdansk, Ergo Arena.

The 26 year old Ukranian fighter is already familiar to any hardcore kickboxing fan. For years, Kyshenko has been the main figure of high level fights. He's made it to the finals of multiple Grand Prix tournaments, has faced a who's who of fighters and holds wins over such fanous fighters like Andy Souwer, Nieky Holzken, Yoshihiro Sato, Mike Zambidis, and so many more. For the past few years, Kyshenko has been training at the well known Mike's Gym in Holand- a move has resulted more aggressive fighting style.

Artur Kyshenko’s ferocious fighting style has made him a fan favorite ever since he first climbed between the ropes in his native Ukraine.
With a knockout ratio of more than 51%, there is always very good chance that Kyshenko’s fights are going to end with someone going down.
Most of his career was spent at lightweight (70 kgs/154 lbs), where he became the K-1 MAX East Europe Champion in 2008 and many times K-1 World MAX Finalist. He has always been big for the lightweight division and he has decided to move to wellterweight competing at 77kgs/170 lbs. Now in KOK Artur is fighting in welterweight division of 77 kg / 170 lb.

Artur Kyshenko about participating in KOK:

"I am the Champion of KOK in 77kgs category already.  I dont know yet who will be my opponent in KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN GDANSK superfight. For me it does‘nt matter. I know one thing – I am borred. I want something new - new competitors, new challenges, that‘s why I am coming to KOK" - he says.

"One big difference in competing in welterweight category is that I can eat more and I can be a lot bigger. This has an effect on power and force. My fights in this weight class will be a surprise for the public and fans I think,"

Who will be the opponent of Artur Kyshenko in Gdansk? We will find out it soon.