The biggest martial art tournament KOK is coming to Latvia again

On the 25th of February in the capital city of Latvia fans of martial arts will get a chance to see the biggest and the most popular event in Europe – “KOK’44 WORLD GP 2017”. The tournament will hit ARENA RIGA with promising fights and well known fighters.

Year after year “King of Kings” rose in popularity and visibility. Today KOK is gathering biggest arenas all over the world. You can see live KOK events on the main sport channels in more than 120 countries all over the world.

KOK came back to Cyprus with a bang

It was a knocking start of King of Kings new year last Saturday (28th January, 2017) in Nicosia, Cyprus. “Tassos Papadopoulos” Eleftheria stadium was rocked with impressive fights and the best fighters.

By combining nine martial arts, kickboxing, K-1, Karate, kung fu, kudo, boxing, taekwondo, MMA, Wushu as well as other war technics, the super fighters of the King of Kings (KOK) are truly impressive athletes. A fact that proves the excitement and spectacle of KOK Fights is that around 80 per cent of the bouts end with a knockout.